Bachelor Degree (Honours) in Pharmacy

Clinical Pharmacy And Therapeutics
Drug Delivery
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4 years

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As a pharmacist you’ll ensure safe and effective use of medicines. You’ll gain knowledge of how drugs are formulated into medicines and administered and how they are used in the treatment of disease.

You’ll develop a sound scientific base in studies that include biochemistry, biostatistics, human biology, genetics, microbiology, immunology and cell biology.

This course prepares you to undertake the internship year required by the Pharmacy Board of Australia to become registered as a Pharmacist.

Once the program and the internship requirements are successfully completed, you can practise in any area of pharmacy in Australia or New Zealand, including community or hospital pharmacy.

Clinical placement is a key focus throughout the degree. You’ll undertake real-life experiences in work placements in both hospital and community pharmacies over the four years.

You will gain a strong scientific foundation from which to undertake postgraduate studies if desired.
Professional accreditation

This course is accredited by the Pharmacy Board of Australia.

Upon completion of this program and an internship year, you may be eligible to register with the Pharmacy Board of Austraila as a Pharmacist. Information about registration and any additional requirements you must satisfy is available on the Board’s website.

Graduate career opportunities

The type of careers this qualification leads to may include pharmacist

Work-based learning available as part of the course

RMIT University is committed to providing you with an education that strongly links formal learning with professional or vocational practice.

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Additional information

To become a registered as a pharmacist, a graduate must successfully complete an additional year of internship training and a registration examination.

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