Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic Eng) (Honours)/Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship)

Business Finance
Business Management
Business Operations
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Shortest full-time duration

5 years

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Learn how electricity and electronics work and how to build and maintain devices, while being entrepreneurial in your engineering activities.

You'll work on projects in the design, development, production, maintenance and operation of all things to do with electricity.

You’ll develop the skills to design and develop electrical systems for the generation, distribution and control of electric power, as well as electronic systems used for computing, communications, industry and entertainment.

You’ll also develop knowledge that is vital to managerial capabilities in the global business environment and learn how to be entrepreneurial in your engineering activities.

By undertaking a double degree you will enhance your engineering design activities by using business and entrepreneurial techniques to be innovative and creative in your design projects. As a graduate you’ll be better prepared to develop new products and/or start new businesses.
Professional accreditation

This course is fully accredited by Engineers Australia.

Graduate career opportunities

The type of careers this qualification leads to may include�communications and networks, computer systems, control and automation, digital signal processing, electrical power and distribution, industrial- consumer- and bio-electronics, intelligent systems, launch and manage new ventures, manage and grow businesses.

Work-based learning available as part of the course

RMIT University is committed to providing you with an education that strongly links formal learning with professional or vocational practice.

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Additional information

This is a gender underrepresented program and awards SEAS bonus points to female applicants. To be eligible you must submit a SEAS application and complete category 1.

Facilities and staff

Most lectures take place at the City campus while some lab classes will run at specialised facilities at the Bundoora campus.

Course fees

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Scholarships available

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